Most former 1994 universities are on a par with Russell Group.

On top of that, as of 2017, Russell Group graduates held around 60% of all jobs that require a degree. .


The six original red brick universities are also part of the Russell Group, which bear a strong reputation when it comes to pioneering research.

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The University of Bristol. The findings from the data suggest that there is no statistically significant difference on student satisfaction rating between Russell Group and Non-Russell. Share.

University of Cambridge. Aston is a top uni, with a strong rep, student experience and employment rate.

But, importantly, you shouldn’t go to a particular university just because it's a red brick university (nor just because they’re a Russell Group university, rank highly in league tables etc).

[12] Although Peers used red brick in the title of the original book, he used redbrick adjectivally in the.

They also award 60% of the UK’s doctorates. The universities of Exeter, York, Durham and Queen Mary, University of London, left this summer to join the Russell Group, which represents large research-intensive universities.

May 25, 2015 · Coventry University has nudged past many of its Russell Group peers to reach the highest position ever achieved by a former. Its even better than many Russell Group Unis in my opinion.

The Aston MBA has been ranked 12th in the UK, and 85th in the world (Jan 2021).

Aston University is constantly ranked in the UK’s top 30 The Times and Complete University Guide Rankings, above numerous Russell Group Universities.

You should look at the bigger picture and consider factors such as: a university’s links to industries and employers.

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Aston is a top uni, with a strong rep, student experience and employment rate.

We teach all our programs from three colleges.

Aston University in Birmingham and London South Bank University informed staff last month that they would be cutting.

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