Set to low value if you want small change and high value if you want big change.


1. 75, guidance_scale= 7.

Aug 27, 2022 · vedroboev • 9 mo.

List[str]] = None image: typing.

. This model uses a frozen CLIP ViT-L/14 text encoder to condition the model on text prompts. The CFG scale adjusts how much the image looks closer to the prompt and/ or.


The default is 7, raising it will. 0 corresponds to the full destruction of information in the init image. Simply put, it represents how much importance is given to your prompt when generating images.

8 Use Face Correction: GFPGANv1. By default, the system uses a random guidance value from 8 – 20.

prompt: A text description.

FloatTensor, PIL.

core. scheduler = lms.

0, 3. 0, 3.

mask_image: A mask representing the pixels to.
Stable diffusion is an open-source technology.
Guidance is the percentage of total steps the controlnet applies (from the beginning/step 0).

5--seed followed by an integer allows for setting the random seed (for reproducible results).

-3: 0: 3: 6: 9: 12: 5: 15: 25: 50: 100: Steps and CFG scale comparison.

. . However, after a certain value it becomes random.

Similar to usage in text-to-image, the. List[str]] init_image: typing. So far, I’ve written about three. 5, 2. Lower numbers give the AI more freedom to be creative, while higher numbers force it to stick more to the prompt.

(prompt: typing.

--scale followed by a float specifies the guidance scale to use. So: A value of 0 gives random images and does not consider your prompt at all.

Right: large guidance scale.

prompt: A text description.



Guidance Scale is how closely the AI should follow your prompt.